Home Instead Senior Care, Birmingham

A Senior Home's Clutter Zones

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cabinets with unused pots and pans.
Problem: a senior can fall trying to get to them.
Freezer and refrigerator with the expired and old food.
Problem: a senior can suffer food poisoning or malnutrition. 
Bills on the counter and kitchen table.
Problem: unpaid bills

Expired medication in the medicine cabinets and old make-up.  
Problem: missed medications and accidental overdosing; skin infections and irritations from expired make-up.
Cluttered shelves.
Problem: inability to locate necessities.
Using the bathtub to store papers.
Problem: hygiene.

Paper and magazines on and under beds.
Problem: fire hazard
Too much clothing and shoes in the closet.
Problem: Confusion and disorganization.

Magazines and shoes on the steps.
Problem: tripping hazard.

A catch-all for everything.
Problem: rodents, mold & mildew.


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