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Be a Santa to a Senior

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Be a Santa to a Senior is just around the corner! We are looking forward to a great year of providing a holiday treat for seniors who otherwise would not receive anything. Most of the seniors we assist do not have family to visit them either.
If you would like to donate to this great cause, please click on the link provided and fill out the form. This helps us with our planning. We would like all the items to us by December 6th. We understand this is early, but we usually have to turn around and purchase more items so that we can make sure all of the requests are met.


To us it's personal


Ron Johnson said...

I think this is a great a program. There are many seniors who need help. It feels good to give back.
Ron | http://comforcare.com/california/east-san-gabriel

John Bond said...

This is such a good natured article. I'm glad to see our loved ones are taken care of so well. Hopefully I can find a great place for my mother in Chicago.
John Bond | http://comforcare.com/illinois/chicago

senior safety said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. I really think my grandpa could use some in home care. He's been needing some extra help lately and has a hard time leaving the house.

Tom Stubbs said...

Oh goodness this is such an awesome idea! I've been a secret Santa for cute little families in my neighborhood, but I think it would be incredibly fun to do it for an senior. I bet that would be a wonderful Christmas gift for them. http://www.comforcare.com/arizona/south-phoenix

Bob Strong said...

This is a great little cause. I hope it went really well. Participating in Secret Santa is one of my favorite events of the holiday season. I'm sure the residents here are really grateful. http://happyhomemakershomecare.com

Talmage Dangerfield said...

This would be a really fun activity to participate in around Christmas time. Technically I am a senior myself, but I would still love to help someone out who isn't able to come and go as easily as I can. I would want someone to treat me this good when that time comes for me. http://www.atyoursidehomecare.com/texas/smhouston

Anita Mas said...

I think this is a marvelous idea! Too many people forget the seniors that don't have family. That would be very lonely.

Anita Mas | http://www.comforcare.com/pennsylvania/montgomery-county

Pitar said...

Amazing work, this systematically awareness to your senior make you that you are an caring person of your parents.
Home Health Care Bucks County

Jennifer Davies said...

What a great idea! I want to introduce the same idea to senior care facilities in my area. I know the residents would really appreciate it, and it would get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

Jenn | http://www.atyoursidehomecare.com

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